Annual Report

The Bartko Foundation is a legacy of Irene and Ted Bartko who raised their children and grandchildren to understand that the purpose of life is not to just be, but to give back, that our lives should not be judged by what we get out of life but how our living makes a difference.

The Mission:

The Bartko Foundation assists single minority women in their efforts to achieve self-sufficiency.

The Purpose:

According to the Pennsylvania Self-Sufficiency Standard, a Pittsburgh family of one adult, infant and preschooler needs $49,504 annually without public or private assistance to be considered self-sufficient. With an average income of $36,726 for all full-time employment in Pittsburgh, we know 4 out of 10 families headed by single mothers in Pittsburgh live in poverty. Additionally, the US Census indicates that in Pittsburgh, over 80% of African American women who have babies are unmarried. Families headed by unmarried women (regardless of race), particularly those with preschool children, are far more likely to be poor because of the difficulty of working or finishing school while raising a small child.

Our purpose, therefore, is to assist those women most in need in achieving goals they have set for themselves helping them to continue positive progress in their life’s journey. Our support focuses on goals related to education, transportation, housing and employment. We believe these areas have the most profound impact in the lives of our recipients and, therefore, our investments.

The Need:

From the Bartko Foundation’s creation in 2004 through the 2014 calendar year, it has:

  • assisted 316 women
  • impacting the lives of 674 children
  • distributed $1,070,331 to support self-sufficiency
    • 97 grants for education
    • 60 grants for employment
    • 93 grants for housing
    • 66 grants for transportation

The How:

Desiring not to duplicate efforts and to keep operating costs at a minimum, the Bartko Foundation employs one individual who partners with others to find and fund eligible applicants. Our partners are sponsoring agencies and organizations that work with women whose needs may “fall through the cracks,” side-tracking them from becoming self-sufficient.